Few items can capture the magic of travel like a unique piece of fine jewelry. Whether it be a translucent emerald studded necklace that stirs images of the Mediterranean in the mind, or a sleek gold bangle that feels like Morocco on the skin, there's no better way to a treat loved one’s soul to an escape, even when you’re home.

It seems every corner of Brazil exudes excitement, beauty and culture as does each piece of fine jewelry in this modest collection of Brazilian-inspired pieces. From feeling the excitement of strolling the Copacabana to the energy of Rio’s nightlife, these pieces are meant to bring Brazil home.

Fashion, art, drama and style: these characteristics not only describe France but also a jewelry collection inspired by it. With everything from traditional Parisian chokers to elegant and sophisticated earrings, each piece feels as if you are walking along the Seine on a crisp Paris night.

With Berber, Arabian and European influences, this collection captures the eclectic marvel of Morocco in every piece — from rings that glimmer with a tapestry of exotic jewels to interlocking gold bracelets that evoke thoughts of meandering in the ancient streets of Marrakesh.

From the elegant yachts moored in the harbors of Capri to the quaint and ancient streets of Rome, Italy evokes a sophistication and elegance unto its own. Venture into the bel paese with this collection of jewelry from one of Italy’s finest craftsmen, Picchiotti, and experience this jeweler’s masterful, miniature works of art.

From shining Lake Geneva to the famed Matterhorn in the Alps, Switzerland draws your attention and demands that you take a moment to revel at its beauty. This extraordinary luxury collection of fine jewelry is inspired by the same demand for eye-catching, breathtaking beauty.

London, England, is a mixture of quaint old-world charm and modern cosmopolitan culture. It’s also the inspiration for this robust collection that embraces tradition while seemingly reinventing it at the same time. These pieces keep London close to the heart, no matter where you are.

From the rolling plateau of Patagonia to the rugged Andes, Argentina inspires adventure, not to mention jewelry designs as diverse as its landscape. From ruggedly simple gold bands to beautiful equine-inspired cufflinks fit for a night in the Estancia, Argentina awaits.

At the confluence of Dutch, French and German culture, Belgium is home to some of the world's greatest architecture, from ornate guildhalls to elegant art nouveau buildings, all of which is evident in the craftsmanship of its jewelry. The connection between the Belgian cultures and Hulchi Belluni's recurring link design join together in perfect harmony.

Japan is a country built on simplicity, design and craft, principles ever evident in its jewelry. These timeless pearl and diamond pieces exude the tradition and elegance this island pulls from its shimmering waters. Like Mount Fuji's never-ending beauty, take home pieces that are sure to last more than a lifetime.

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