A Midsummer Engagement

A Midsummer Engagement

By: Deutsch Fine Jewelry

We’re all for the hot summer nights and the sweet summer love, but we don’t hear enough about a summer proposal. Folks who want to pop the question in the hottest months of the year have got to get creative about their proposals. For Christmas and New Year’s engagements, half of the work is done for you – the romantic lights, the literal fireworks, and the overall ambiance is primed and ready for a beautiful proposal. Valentine’s Day guys also have an easy job – every storefront, restaurant, and public place is full of pink hearts and bows. The summer proposals have a boon on their side – the eternal and ethereal beauty of nature. Matching the season to the theme of the proposal is a perfect way to take popping the question to the next level. Summertime is full of sundresses and luxurious vacations – the perfect time to present her with a romantic surprise. In this gift guide, we’re going over some summer-inspired engagement rings that take the gorgeous natural designs of summertime flowers and encase them in diamonds – making them the only bouquet that will last a lifetime.
Gorgeous Diamond Flower Ring by the Deutsch Signature Collection, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

Florals for Summer

Give her more than just flowers – she needs a promise. For a summer proposal unlike any other, go for the Diamond Flower Ring by Deutsch Signature Collection. This feminine and flirty flower motif consists of 30 individual brilliant round diamonds with a larger brilliant round diamond that makes up the center of the flower design. Each diamond sparkles and glistens in the light, reflecting off of each other and creating an orchestra of dancing lights. The diamonds on the petals are clustered together for maximum shine, and the center diamond is bezel-set, causing it to stand out on its own as a centerpiece in the design.
Rose gold Oval Shape Lovebright Diamond Fashion Open Ring by Ashi, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

Rose Gold by Any Other Name

Put on those rose-colored glasses for a bright future with this proposal. The Oval Shape Lovebright Diamond Fashion Open Ring by Ashi is perfect for a beautiful blushing bride to pair with her wedding band. Something a little out of the ordinary can always catch a future fiance's eye, and this rose gold beauty is a unique sight to behold. The rose gold wraps around the finger but has an open fit, meaning the metal doesn’t connect to the gemstone. Instead, a pave of diamonds trails down either side of the band, creating a modern and unique look. The coup de gras of this engagement ring is the abstract flower motif. Since we’re all about nature-inspired engagement rings for summer this year, the abstract interpretation makes this piece stand out. The center of the flower design is an Ashi signature Lovebright diamond cluster, and the petals are made up of delicate rose gold with a milgrain pattern and brilliant round white diamonds.
Sparkling Round Shape Lovebright Diamond Flower Fashion Ring by Ashi, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry.

A Flowery Proposal

Take a step back and soak in all the glory of this stately flower-inspired engagement ring from Ashi. The Round Shape Lovebright Diamond Flower Ring by Ashi is a sight to behold. This open-work flower design is made of 14k white gold and hosts a delicate milgrain pattern on the petals. Each petal is set with a brilliant round diamond, and the centerpiece is a signature Ashi Lovebright diamond cluster – nine invisibly set round diamonds that scintillate in the light, giving the illusion of a singular, impossibly sparkly center diamond.
Beautiful Round Shape Lovebright Gemstone Diamond Ring by Ashi available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

So Fresh and So Green, Green

Ashi is known for creating cohesive designs that use invisible set gemstones to create scintillating disco balls of light. Opulent and summery, the Round Shape Lovebright Gemstone Diamond Ring by Ashi adds a gorgeous pop of green for a playful spin on a timeless engagement look. The deep green emerald centerpiece of this engagement ring is surrounded by a halo of brilliant round white diamonds, all set on an enchanting white gold band.

Photo by Marta Branco