Casual Luxury with Fope

Casual Luxury With Fope

By: Deutsch Fine Jewelry

Fall in love with Fope

Fope is a sleek and elegant luxury designer from Italy with a taste for understated luxury. While they may be the newest addition to the Deutsch Fine Jewelry family, Fope has a heritage tradition of crafting fine jewelry dating back to the first store Uberto Cazzola opened in Vicenza, Italy in 1929. This tradition of expert engineering and inspired goldsmithing was passed down through the family line. In 1980, Fope patented the iconic Novecento mesh and Flex’it technology that became the cornerstone of the brand’s mainstream success. The jewelry from Fope has a little bit of everybody in mind – their designs are distinguished and genderless, making them a stunning addition to dresses or suits, cuffs or collarbones. Fope creates beautiful pieces that anyone can wear and that can be worn every day – the perfect designer to help pepper a little bit of luxury into the daily routine.

Stylish and Sustainable

Fope is not only dedicated to inspired design but also to transparent and ethical practices. The brand has committed to reducing its impact on the environment by implementing initiatives through the Neutral Carbon Footprint project. The Headquarters in Vicenza, Italy is completely powered by a photovoltaic system, a solar-powered energy-generating system, meaning they are completely energy-autonomous. Since 2014, Fope has been a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, a non-profit that ensures in the ethical international trade of luxury jewelry. Fope only maintains relations with manufacturers who do not engage in conflict trade or unethical gemstone or precious metal trading. The brand hits the ethical trifecta: good for the environment, good for business, and good for humanity.
Sleek rose gold chain Bracelet with Dias by Fope, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

Understated, Yet Refined

We are in the era of casual luxury. There’s nothing sweeter than a minimalist twist on an ensemble that brings the entire look together. Sometimes the perfect statement piece can come in the form of a demure whisper. The Fope Bracelet with Dias is the pinnacle of refined minimalism. The chain is made from Fope’s patented Flex’it system, which relies on tiny springs that work within the Novacenta mesh to provide as much comfort as possible for the wearer. The dais is a daisy-shaped white gold design that is dotted with tiny brilliant round white diamonds, adding an element of sparkle to this modern bracelet.
Elegant yellow gold chain huggie hoop Earrings with Dias by Fope, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

Engineered for Elegance

Every Fope piece is highly engineered for maximum comfort, but also for tantalizing design. The Earrings with Dias by Fope play off of the simple huggie hoop design but adds their patented Novacenta mesh and Flex’it technology for a creative twist on a classic look. The dias creates the impression of interlocking cuffs in white gold, accented with three delicate diamonds on either earring. The white gold fastenings in the back match the dias, creating a modern look with two-toned metals and shining diamond gemstones. These earrings can be styled in a casual, everyday look, or added to something more grandiose for a special occasion.
Beautiful yellow gold Ring with Dias by Fope, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

Flex’it on ‘Em

Combine comfort with captivating charm. The Flex’it Ring with Dais by Fope is an immaculate example of their ingenuity in design as well as their ergonomic luxury jewelry engineering. The ring’s band is completely comprised of the iconic Fope mesh that is imbued with their patented Flex’it technology, which makes it flexible and comfortable to wear. This sleek design hosts a dias of yellow gold bars that bookend a center diamond pavé on a white gold center bar. Given the band’s flexible technology, the ring is easy to slide on and off, even with the considerable centerpiece. Bold and beautiful enough to be a statement piece but versatile enough to wear to the grocery store, the yellow gold and diamond Flex’it Ring with Dias makes a perfect addition to any outfit or occasion.