Elegance for the Eclipse

Elegance For The Eclipse

By: Deutsch Fine Jewelry

A once-in-a-lifetime event deserves a unique outfit. A total solar eclipse is gracing the great state of Texas this year, and everyone is making plans to witness it. The majesty of the stars has always captured our imaginations and made us feel a part of something greater than ourselves. Before our scientific measures of the sun and stars, cultures throughout history have created fables to explain the incredible phenomenon of a total solar eclipse. An Ancient Chinese myth is that a solar eclipse occurs when a celestial dragon devours the sun, and it was tradition to bang pots and pans to drive the dragon away. Since a solar eclipse doesn’t last for long, the “dragon” would always pass through and leave the sun in its rightful place in the sky. Some cultures believed that a solar eclipse was poisonous, going so far as to close the drinking water wells in an attempt to keep their water from being contaminated. We know now that the eclipse is an incredible phenomenon where the moon moves over the sun in the sky from our position, blotting the sunlight out completely for a period of time. The 2024 eclipse will be coming through the hill country of Texas on April 8th, but even in Houston, we will see a partial eclipse – especially in the Northwest part of town. Always remember to use eclipse glasses to see the phenomenon – whether it’s viewing the corona from a total eclipse, or just a sliver of sun from outside the pathway, the sun’s beauty can be incredibly harmful to the naked eye.
Sun and Moon sapphire 18k Eclipse Earrings by Temple St. Clair, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

Total Eclipse of the Earrings

Temple St. Clair has always used the celestial as inspiration. For the total solar eclipse of 2024, there are no earrings more apt than the 18k Eclipse Earrings, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry. The moon side of the pair hosts two different tones of blue sapphire that wrap around the yellow-gold moon's face and evoke imagery of the night sky. The sun side of the earrings holds deep red rubies and fiery orange sapphires, depicting the glowing sun’s rays. Both earrings are suspended by a delicate pavé of brilliant round white diamonds.
Kinetic 18k Eclipse Swivel Ring by Temple St. Clair, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

Head on a Swivel

Kinetic jewelry has been entering the trends again, and Temple St. Clair has been adding their own designs to the craze. A piece of luxury jewelry and a fidget spinner all in one, the Eclipse Swivel Ring by Temple St. Clair depicts a matching motif to the aforementioned 18k Eclipse Earrings – the sun on one side and the moon on the other. Like a two-sided coin, the centerpiece of this ring spins around to whichever motif the wearer prefers. That means that for a cool-toned outfit, this ring could be a moody moon surrounded by blue sapphires, or for a warm-toned outfit, it could be a fiery sun motif with orange sapphires and red rubies interlacing the sun’s rays. For such a rare celestial phenomenon, the Eclipse Earrings paired with the Eclipse Swivel Ring are sure to set the occasion off right.
Gold and diamond 18k Sole Luna Earrings by Temple St. Clair, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

Cosmically Aligned

For a more understated approach to the celestially-inspired designs, the Sole Luna Earrings by Temple St. Clair are an excellent choice. One stud is a yellow-gold sun with angular rays and a halo of pure brilliant round white diamond. The other stud is a yellow-gold crescent moon with a white diamond pavé lining the crest. These earrings are counterparts to each other but not exactly alike, giving the look a modern, asymmetrical vibe. For a total solar eclipse with some sparkle and shine, the Sole Luna Earrings by Temple St. Clair are an immaculate pair.
Celestially-inspired, kinetic 18k Diamond 3X Orbit Earrings by Temple St. Clair, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

In Her Orbit

Finally, a luxury earring set with the full picture. The Diamond 3x Orbit Earrings by Temple St. Clair are inspired by the movement of our cosmos, the orbit of our planets and satellites. The yellow gold concentric rings move around the center moonstone, creating a gorgeous kinetic jewelry design. The outer ring hosts a divine diamond pavé, and the entire orbital earring is suspended by a yellow gold clasp with a delicate white diamond pavé that travels up to the ear. A feat of both design and engineering, the Diamond 3x Orbit Earrings are bound to knock the pocket protectors off of any space nerd and make waves at any eclipse event.

Photo by Drew Rae via Pexels