Memorial Day at Deutsch

Memorial Day At Deutsch

By: Deutsch Fine Jewelry

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner and there’s still time to plan the perfect plethora of outfits that will fit any occasion that the holiday has to offer. Falling on the 27th of this month, Memorial Day is an important time for Americans to remember and honor those who have fallen in the service of our country. It can be an eventful weekend – from patriotic galas to family backyard barbecues, the long holiday weekend is jam-packed with different events that require different red, white, and blue attire. Our Deutsch Fine Jewelry Memorial Day gift guide has a little bit of ensemble inspiration featuring our favorite red, white, and blue jewelry trios for any weekend event!
The Xpandable Diamond Bracelet, Xpandable Sapphire and Diamond Band, and the For the Love of Color Band in Ruby, all by Picchiotti and available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

Classic and Chic

For a look that’s comfortable yet elegant, understated yet glamorous, check no further than the collections at Picchiotti. Filling out the red, white, and blue theme in pure gemstone opulence, this trio of pieces is sure to make heads turn at any black tie affair. The Xpandable Diamond Bracelet by Picchiotti is made of sleek white gold and is completely lined with flawless emerald-cut diamonds. The Xpandable Sapphire Diamond Ring boasts one row of blue sapphire and one row of diamonds and is the sister design to the bracelet. Both pieces are made with the same patented Picchiotti Xpandable technology that uses innovative and invisible interlocking pieces to allow the jewelry to expand and contract with comfort and ease. Top this look off with the For the Love of Color Diamond Ring in Ruby, a stunning sight to behold. The band has two rows of bright scarlet octagonal rubies, lined with brilliant round white diamonds on either side. True to Picchiotti's form, the Love of Color Ruby by Picchiotti is halfway expandable, allowing comfort for all wearers.
The gorgeous channel-set Deutsch Signature Diamond and Ruby Eternity Band, the 2 Row Blue Sapphire Marquise and Diamond Stretch Bracelet by Robert Demeglio, and the Rahaminov White Gold Branch Post Earrings, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

Elegance in Red, White, and Blue

This mix-and-match of luxury designs can be seamlessly brought together for a cohesive formal and patriotic look for evening attire. The channel-set Diamond and Ruby Eternity Ring by Deutsch Fine Jewelry starts as the pop of red for our Memorial Day outfit. Three brilliant round white diamonds alternate three princess-cut rubies, creating a glamorous pattern of sparkle and pigment. The Rahaminov White Gold Branch Earrings are the perfect gleaming white addition with marquise white diamonds on a white gold tree branch design. The beautiful, deep blue comes from the 2 Row Blue Sapphire and Marquise Diamond Stretch Bracelet by Robert Demeglio. The marquis-cut blue sapphire stones wrap completely around the wrist and are delicately dotted with brilliant white diamonds. What more could a girl ask for?
The Deutsch Signature Red Enamel with One Diamond Pendant, Blue Enamel Huggie Earrings with One Diamond, and White Enamel Half Way Bangle with Side Emerald Diamond, all available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

Enamored with Enamel

Not all Memorial Day activities are lavish and formal. Worry not –  there’s a way to stay stylish and casual through the brunches and the bar-b-ques with high-quality enamel luxury jewelry. This red, white, and blue set is the perfect look for an outdoor Memorial Day event that doesn’t require all the pomp and circumstance. The Red Enamel Pendant with One Diamond by Deutsch Signature is an eye-catching centerpiece for this look with the bright red enamel and sizeable diamond centerpiece. The Blue Enamel Huggie Earrings by Deutsch Signature are a brilliant bright blue hue and each host a singular diamond in their center as well. The last piece in this look is the White Enamel Halfway Bangle with Side Emerald Diamond. The solitary diamond motif is echoed through all the enamel pieces, giving the red, white, and blue look a cohesive feel.
Ravishing red Oval Shape Gemstone Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Ashi, Heart Shape Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Deutsch, and blue Emerald Shape Gemstone Halo Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Ashi, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

Embrace the Bracelet

For a more understated nod to the Memorial Day colors, a simple bracelet stack can be the answer. This stack can be dressed up or down for any event this Memorial Day Weekend. The Oval Shape Gemstone Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Ashi is a vibrant piece with oval-cut rubies and alternate white diamonds surrounding the entire bracelet. We chose the Heart Shape Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Deutsch Signature for the center bracelet – the heart-shaped white gold motifs hold three tiny white diamonds, making this a sparkling homage to the stars and stripes. The Emerald Shaped Sapphire Gemstone Halo Diamond Tennis Bracelet by Ashi rounds out our bracelet stack with a beautiful display of white diamonds and blue sapphires. Set white gold, each emerald-cut sapphire has a halo of white diamonds that encapsulates it, maximizing the shine of this icy bracelet.