Vacation Jewelry for the Summer Months

Vacation Jewelry For The Summer Months

By: Deutsch Fine Jewelry

It’s summer vacation season and the beach is calling. Overheated Houstonians are fleeing the city for a taste of island life, a luxurious cruise, or just a cooler climate for summer fun. Packing for travel can be a harrowing task – the comforts of home have to be squeezed into luggage, skincare and beauty products need to be sealed up to TSA’s standards, and all of the contingency outfits must be meticulously planned to be ready for any vacation adventure. And that’s not even mentioning the jewelry and accessories that can fit with each outfit! The right jewelry can make or break an ensemble and the best vacations are always the ones with the most stunning photo-ops. When packing luxury jewelry for a summer trip, there are a few things to consider. Travel can always be dangerous, so opting to wear “quiet” luxury jewelry can deter would-be thieves, and large, opulent pieces should always travel in a safe, hidden location in a carry-on luggage. Packing space is always a problem, so consolidating luxury jewelry into versatile combinations to work with several outfits is the name of the game when traveling. We’ve put together a list of our favorite travel jewelry that will spice up any outfit – from brunch to beach to the bars. These vacation jewelry looks are a jet-setter’s dream.
Chunky Diamond Pave Set Clasp Satin Finish Bracelet by John Apel, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

Three Cheers for Chunky Chains

A solid bracelet choice can be the perfect evergreen accessory for just about every outfit. The chunky chain Diamond Pave Set Clasp Satin Finish Bracelet by John Apel is a great example of a shapeshifting luxury jewelry piece that can work with any occasion or ensemble and is perfect for traveling light. Pair it with a light linen dress for a casual, poolside look, or match with some chunky rings and a cocktail dress and dance all night at the best clubs the Caribbean has to offer. The thick, yellow gold chain is fastened by a blackened white gold clasp that is adorned in a beautiful diamond pave.
Airy Large Diamond Kingston Charm Necklace by Vincent Peach, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry in Houston, Texas.

Delicate Designs for Destination Vacations

A low-hanging necklace is a staple of the summer vacation luxury jewelry collection. The Large Diamond Kingston Charm Necklace by Vincent Peach is a delicate piece that hangs low on the neckline, making it fit perfectly with low-cut beach dresses and bikini tops. A great addition to a simple summertime outfit, this gorgeous necklace adds a little bit of shine to that coveted beach vacation grid post. The pendant is a yellow gold open oval with a yellow gold bar across the middle. The entire facing side of the necklace is lined in a pave of tiny, brilliant round white diamonds. Vincent Peach is known as the name in luxury western-style jewelry and many of his designs are inspired by equestrianism and rodeo looks. Bring a little bit of the home on the range on vacation with the Kingston Charm Necklace.
Sleek Matte Black Ceramic Stretch Bracelet with 1 Diamond Station by Roberto Demeglio, available at Deutsch Fine Jewelry.

Go Anywhere in Style

Not all vacations involve lounging on the beach and taking stunning selfies. Sometimes, we have to accommodate our love of adventure as well as our love for sparkle and shine. The Matte Black Ceramic Stretch Bracelet with 1 Diamond Station by Roberto Demeglio is a versatile and sturdy piece that will stand up to the elements and still look incredible. The high-quality black ceramic beads seen in this bracelet are cornerstones of Robert Demeglio’s designs. Choosing a high-quality ceramic over a softer precious metal is the right idea when traveling. Not only does it check that “quiet luxury” box, but high-quality luxury ceramic can take a little more wear and tear than gold or silver. The stretch technology makes this bracelet easy to slip on but clings gently to the wrist once worn. Whether the vacation involves ziplining or Olympic-level shopping sprees, Roberto Demeglio’s Matte Black Ceramic Bracelet will be the perfect summer vacation companion.

Photo by Pixabay via Pexels